I love food.
I’ve always had a hearty appetite and started learning how to cook when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Growing up I was always in the kitchen – watching, observing, or throwing a fit while crying because I was “starving” (dramatic much? YES!). As I matured (LOL), my love for food continued to flourish, so much so that I ended up studying food science in college. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Nutrition and Food. (Note: I do not claim to be an expert and I am not a registered dietitian. All the information on this blog is purely based on my personal experience.) 
Through studying food I was able to broaden my understanding of my own multicultural individuality being Filipino, Japanese, and American. I may be biased but IMO, Filipino and Japanese food are the best in the world!
I have so much appreciation now for how each dish tells a story, shares traditions, and represents generations of history passed down through flavors.
Today, I am still curious and hungry (pun intended) to learn more about food whenever and however I can. I love reading books about food, recipe testing, traveling & learning about other cultures through food, watching documentaries concerning our food sources on this planet, and of course, sharing a good meal while creating lasting memories.
My dream job has always been to be a food stylist and/or food photographer. So, I’ve decided to just go for it and share my food-ventures with you! I hope you find this blog helpful, inspiring, and most importantly, I hope it leaves you hungry for more! Check back often for updates.
Thank you SO MUCH for your support! 
– Felice 🙂